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Welcome to The Clans of Ulster

The Clans of Ulster celebrates history, culture, and music of the whole of Ulster, and aim to connect with people across the world who have an interest in their Clans.

Join us on our journey to revive ancient traditions and customs as well as revitalising ancient sites.

The Clans of Ulster are a non-political / non-profit making organisation open to all.



Our approach is one of celebrating the past through our rich shared history, folklore, music, language, culture and sports of this province of Ulster, combined with innovating for the future. Through these avenues, we hope to evolve and grow by the input and design of you, our members, with inclusiveness, equality, freedom of expression, uniqueness and transparency forefront in all our undertakings.

As a relatively new association we are not constrained by boundaries, borders, religious or political dogma, rather we celebrate our diversity and our commonality. Our primary focus is on the people, Clans, and Septs of this province and country as a whole. We also recognise the importance and yearning for those that feel compelled to identify with their birthright, The children, grandchildren and all those of the Diaspora, who left these ancient shores in search of a better life. We respect and give voice to those that have gone before us, and the sacrifices they made. We are a networked nation of people joined by common bonds.


Meet the committee

Chairperson – Mal O’Neill:  chairperson@theclansofulster.com

Vice-Chairperson – Siobhan O’Neill:  vicechairperson@theclansofulstercom

Treasurer – Caoimhe O’Neill: treasurer@theclansofulster.com

Secretary – Mary McKee: scretary@theclansofulster.com

Anthony Fox

Maura Brook

Eoin Coey


If you are interested in joining our committee, please get in touch.

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