The O’Donnells arrived in Tyrone

In October 2017, The Clans of Ulster hosted the O’Donnell clan from Donegal for three days of events, tours, and music in Tyrone.  On the first night, the clan were celebrated at The Hill of O’Neill.  The next day the clan were given a tour and talk at Benburb Castle by the O’Neill Country Historical Society.   Tomás Ó Brógáin and TG4, Antaine ÓDonnaile, re-enacted the capture of an English soldier at the castle and allowed the whole group to participate.  After a group lunch at the Bottle of Benburb, the clan were a part of the unveiling of Hugh ONeill memorial stone at Grange organised by The Grange GFC and the Battle of the Yellow Ford Committee.

After the event Tomás Ó Brógáin said:

It was great to see co-operation and camaraderie amongst everyone; for us as a group of Gaels; (with a McGuinness, a Sheridan’s, a few Ó Brógáins, an O Deorain, a Gallagher and a Campbell) it was a great privilege and honour to be part of something that engages with ná Tuath Uladh, working with the O Donnells and O’Neill’s especially! So until next time le dea-mhéin Tomás

Thanks to O’Neill Country Historical Society and Cairde Teo, Maura Brooks , also a massive thankyou to Mid Ulster Council Good Relations Officer Oliver Morgan for his vision, acceptance and hard work.

We are delighted to be part of such a community and we hope to rekindle the Celtic Spirit, anchor traditions rediscover many myths, rituals, recipes, crafts, saints, faeries, music, poetry, Irish language and share the rich legacy of the Celts.


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